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Learn about the ego by reading this New York Times bestselling book. A New Earth will help you shift your consciousness and find happiness in the present moment. 

An easy to read book with powerful inspiring lessons. Achieve wisdom and be true to yourself by reading The Four Agreements. Pick it up and read it anytime you feel down. 

Tap into your consciousness and ignite your spiritual awakening by understanding how we are all interconnected through energy and by the universe. 

Learn the secrets of what true happiness is by following people from all around the globe in this award winning documentary.  

Aromatherapy can aid in balancing just about every mood. Use different scents to combat insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, depression, and stress. 

One of the best ways to utilize your essential oils is by dispersing the aromas using an oil diffuser. An oil diffuser is an easy way to benefit from aroma therapy for mental clarity. Oil diffusers also make your home smell like a relaxing spa.

Perform the healing ancient ritual of smudging using dried sage, palo santo, an abalone shell, and a bird’s feather to purify and clear out the negative energy in your life. 

Consuming tea has numerous health benefits & is loaded with antioxidants. Tea is a great substitute for coffee & may protect against cancer, fight free radicals, and can help fight infection.  

Himalayan salt has been used for centuries as a way to detox and purify the air. The salt balances negative and positive ions by reducing electromagnetic radiation & airborne infections. The calming glow of this lamp can also be used as soothing night light.   

The healing sounds and vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowl is beneficial to stimulate a meditative state, enhance mental clarity and to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Mala beads or prayer beads, similar to a rosary, are used for reciting and counting mantras. Use your mala beads to recite your unique mantra to achieve clarity and enlightenment.


Eye pillows are a useful tool in promoting relaxation for meditation, yoga, and sleep. Eye pillows can also alleviate stress and headaches. 

Be green in these eco-friendly yoga pants. Teekis are created with recycled water bottles reducing the carbon footprint. 

Be a Spiritual Gangster. Spiritual Gangster creates clothing that encourages higher vibrations, promotes love, gratitude, and happiness. 

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