Tired of Life? Reasons Why and Finding Your Way Back to Fulfillment

tired of life
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Life is an adventure, full of twists and turns.  You never know what’s going to happen, and that’s what keeps it exciting.  It’s the drive to improve and grow that motivates us to build, create, and cultivate our lives.  But what happens when we fall into a rut, repeating the same thing day in and day out, not pursuing our dreams or growing?  We become tired of life, not moving anywhere, and desperate for something different.



What Does It Mean to be Tired of Life?


Being tired of life can mean many things.  You can be experiencing depression, where you have trouble finding the motivation to get up and face the day.  Or you can be constantly fatigued or bored, constantly sleeping or skipping out on your responsibilities. Sometimes, it can even mean feeling angry and resentful about your situation, with no clear way out.

When people find themselves tired of life, they often get stuck in a spiral of losing motivation, digging themselves further into a pit, and losing even more motivation because of it.  What’s important to remember is that it’s never too late, and if you find yourself stuck, you can still turn things around and find your way back to fulfillment.



Why You’re Tired of Life


Usually, depression or frustration can seem like symptoms to an underlying condition, rather than being tired of life, so it’s important to understand what can cause you to be tired of life.


1.  You Hate Your Job


Most people don’t love their job, but they can get used to it.  Deadlines can be stressful, and sometimes the work is tedious, but at the end of the day, they can go home and forget about work. According to Forbes, for up to 40% of people, say that their job is unbearable. You can’t stand the work, you feel like the environment is hostile, and you can’t stop thinking about work once you get home.

Hating your job might be manageable for a while, but years of spending that much time doing something you hate will wear you down.  It’s important to recognize when your job isn’t right for you and to take action early. Otherwise, you will burn out, which can grind away at your love of life, cause you to disconnect from family and friends and ultimately become tired of life.


2.  You Repeat the Same Daily Routine Over and Over

Bored student girl sitting home living room looking away read book

You wake up, have a cup of coffee, take the kids to school, head to work, head home, have dinner, and go to bed.  Rinse, wash, repeat every day, 5 days a week – and that’s your daily routine. While there’s nothing wrong with routine, too much of it can drive you crazy.  

Routines help predict what will happen to us each day.  By removing the unpredictable parts of life, we can assure ourselves that we won’t have any trouble getting to work on time or making sure the family is taken care of. But it’s the unpredictable things that keep us on edge but also adds to the excitement of life. By removing new and unpredictable experiences, you dull your own senses, making you bored and tired of life.


3.  You Feel Trapped and You’re Tired of Where You Live

You might have lived here your whole life, or you moved here last summer, but for some reason, you’re tired of your current living situation. Maybe you’re unhappy with the size of the town, the economy of the area, the weather, the distance from your family, or maybe you’re even tired of living with your family.  Regardless of what it is, you feel trapped and would do anything to get out of where you are right now.

Maybe you moved to a new city and you don’t feel at home where you’re at. Depending on what you want or need, it might never feel like home, and instead, you feel like a stranger, even if you’ve lived here for years.  This feeling of being an outsider can make you tired of life, especially if you have trouble making friends where you are.

Perhaps you fantasize that life would be better off if you had a fresh start in a new city. However, obligations, financial restraints, or even fear may prevent you from moving.

If fear is preventing you from moving, get out of your comfort zone and push yourself. This is where personal growth and development is born. 

Alternatively, if you don’t like where you live and you think a fresh start will solve all of your problems, just know that personal problems will follow you wherever you go. If you can’t find happiness where you are, you won’t find it somewhere else.


4.  You Don’t Have Any Strong Relationships


How much time do you dedicate towards fostering, growing and maintaining friendships? How much time do you dedicate towards technology? Studies are showing that social isolation is a growing epidemic in the age of digital communications. Sure, it may look like you have an active social life because you have hundreds of friends online, but how many people do you actually interact with on a daily basis?  If it’s just your coworkers and your family,  feelings of isolation and disconnection may set in causing you to become tired of life. 

Humans need face-to-face interaction constantly.  It’s how we express new ideas, learn, grow, and make ourselves happy.  Without at least a few deep, strong relationships, you begin to feel stale, or even unwanted.  This is especially true when you factor in that most of our interactions are done online.


5.  You Have Everything You Want, but You’re Still Unhappy

You landed that dream job right out of college because you sacrificed, and worked your ass off. You married your college sweetheart, moved to the suburbs, and your driving in a brand new luxury vehicle. Money isn’t a problem. You achieved success and you are living the dream because you did everything you were supposed to do. You achieved everything that society deems successful, yet you don’t understand why you feel so empty inside and why you are tired of life. 

As the saying goes, money can’t buy happiness. It is not in our intrinsic nature to enjoy currency and surround ourselves with material things. Sure, we need an income in order to eat, clothe ourselves, and have a roof over our heads, but after these basic needs are met, acquiring additional material goods is only a short-term high to happiness.   

As humans, we naturally enjoy being involved in a community, pursuing passions, and we are intrinsically curious to learn by gaining knowledge and experiencing new things. While that doesn’t mean you should throw everything away, it does mean that you should learn how to integrate your financial success into your own fulfillment. The secret to happiness? Spend your money on experiences, not things.


6.  You Feel Like You Have No Purpose


We’re pushed to be productive, we’re rewarded for working more, and we’re told not to waste our time on meaningless things.  The issue you may have is that our society puts a lot of emphasis on results-oriented tasks such as productivity and establishing benchmarks. For example, if I work 10 hours overtime I get $200 more on my paycheck. In other words, we are taught that the time we spend is only valuable if it generates results. 

While there’s nothing wrong with putting in some extra effort near a deadline for a project at work, it shouldn’t be how you measure your worth.  Most people usually don’t find purpose in their work other than an income as a means to survive.

Why is our time seen as valued when it is spent on results-driven tasks? As things go, society usually frowns upon those who spend their time pursuing creative outlets such as singing and playing sports.

However, there is an exception. Society will accept those who are extraordinarily talented, such as the creatives we idolize on television and follow social media. Yet, even if a child is extremely talented in their creative endeavors, most will parents push their children to spend their time pursuing safe career avenues. This leads many to choose the path of security instead of the path of passion, purpose, and happiness.

It’s important to find something that you find fulfilling in order to get that purpose. Our workplace is only one small component of us, so we shouldn’t identify ourselves by the work we do.  Instead, contemplate what you find to be meaningful, and pursue that when you aren’t working.



How to Find Your Way Back to Fulfillment

Once you find out why you’re tired of life, the next step is to find your way back to fulfillment. Tackle what’s dragging your down head on, and you’ll rediscover your love for life.


1.  Change Up Your Schedule

Go to a movie on a Tuesday night, order take-out for dinner more often, go on a hike after work or do anything that’s out of your routine.  When you take your days off, you’ll find yourself excited for each day. You don’t have to do something new every day, but finding ways to break the monotony of your daily schedule will make you feel more alive.

To make your schedule even less repetitive, be more spontaneous.  Rather than scheduling your trips, go on a whim.  This way, you keep yourself even more on your toes and get the opportunity to occasionally satisfy one of your impulses, keeping you from being tired of life.


2.  Unplug From Technology

With phones, social media, email, computers, and a seemingly endless list of apps competing for our attention, we can lose track of our own life. By living vicariously through other people online, or by neglecting to interact with people in real life, we begin to lose sight of the beauty of our own lives. Not only will this make you tired of life, but many believe it’ll make you resentful of those who look like they’re happier than you.

By unplugging and using less technology, you can reconnect with your family, nature, and yourself.  It’ll seem hard at first, but after a couple of days, you’ll realize that you don’t need to read every email, look at every post, or pick up every phone call.  Instead, you’ll see your life as more interesting and worth your time. 


3.  Make New Friends and Reconnect with Old Friends


Friends are incredibly important to us, and it’s only when we lose touch that we realize what we lost.  When you’re tired of life, it’s time to reach out to someone close to you. That often means finding people who you haven’t seen in a while and reconnecting with them.  This will enrich your need for community, and give you an outlet for your worries and frustrations.

You can also reach out to people you never knew very well.  Maybe it’s a coworker who likes the same shows as you, or maybe it’s someone from a volunteer group you work with.  By interacting with other people, we learn to love our lives again, and we give ourselves new opportunities to explore and grow.


4.  Get Involved in Your Community


In older generations, the community was one of the most important parts of life.  People were close to their neighbors, provide those with support in hard times, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.  This can still be true today if you get involved in your community whether you join a group on meetup.com or join a church group. You’ll not only be able to find support in your times of need, but you can find purpose in life by supporting others as well.

Whether it’s helping to feed the homeless, take care of abandoned animals, or helping drive kids to school, there’s always a way to help your community.  This will not only give you something to occupy your time with, but it will let you have a positive impact on the world. You will no longer feel like you’re tired of life when you’re using your time contributing to your community by helping people in need.


5.  Go on an Adventure


Everyone loves to travel, but most of the time we play it safe.  We drive to the nearest big city, get the hotel with the best deals, and maybe go sightseeing.  It’s a trip, but not an adventure. Instead, you need to step outside of your comfort zone, go somewhere you’ve never been, and have a vacation to remember.

Go backpacking through the Rocky Mountains, or visit a foreign country without google translate.  Take the route less-traveled when you go on a road trip and spend the week traveling without any hotel reservations. You can even try to have an adventure in your own hometown.  What are the main tourist attractions in your city that you haven’t experienced?


6.  Speak Up at Work

If something at work is making you resentful or upset, speak up. Instead of complaining to your co-workers and expecting things to get better, present solutions to your supervisor. Upper management can’t read your mind, and maybe they don’t know the best way to resolve an issue. If you present solutions to your supervisor you may be surprised. If that doesn’t work, don’t expect things to change. Psychologists say hostile work environments are incredibly bad for your mental health, so you shouldn’t be forced into being unhappy solely because of work.  Figure out if your workload is unfair, if you need more vacation time, or if you need to change jobs completely, and then try to achieve those needs. Speak your truth. 


7.  Change Jobs

This can be a hard one, but changing jobs can work wonders for you if you’re tired of life.  The excitement of starting a new job lasts for months, and that can be enough to kickstart your path to fulfillment.  If you take the first step by quitting the job you hate, you will feel empowered. It doesn’t even matter if you hate your next job because you’ve already been there and done that. The lesson here is that you know what you want and you know what you don’t want. You don’t find the need to be a volunteer slave at a job you hate because of fear of the unknown or fear of being perceived as weak and you just can’t cut it. You are no longer afraid to quit because you are in control of your life and your happiness and peace of mind are worth it. By pushing your boundaries and trying something new, you expand your horizons, and can potentially find your true passion in life.


8.  Find What’s Important to You and Pursue Your Passion

Ask yourself, what you’ve always wanted to pursue. Maybe you have an interest in acting but the logical side of your brain tells you, “It’s not worth pursuing if you don’t plan on moving to Hollywood and becoming an A-List actor and winning an academy award. So what’s the point?” The point is that it makes you feel good and it fulfills your soul.

If you aren’t sure what motivates you to get through the week, spend some time finding out what does.  Explore new hobbies, take lessons, join a club or volunteer for a cause that you believe in. Once you find out what’s important to you, make time in your schedule to pursue it.

If you’ve always wanted to be an actor, a singer, or a writer, then pursue that passion.  You don’t have to aim for being the next best-selling author or pop singer, but you can express yourself by spending your time by doing what you love.  If you’re tired of life, taking the time to pursue your passion will enrich you and lead you back to fulfillment and purpose. 

The Importance of Fulfillment




Life is precious, and when you’re tired of life, it often means you aren’t fulfilled.  By spending the time to pursue what you find meaningful, or by connecting with the people around you, or even small changes to your routine such as going out to dinner at a new restaurant, you can break up the frustrations of life.  These small things can add up, and when you listen to your intuition and start dedicating your time on tasks that spark happiness, you will find meaning in your life. When you’ve begun to pursue a fulfilling life, you’ll learn to love life again, and that will motivate you to continue learning and growing.

Hello Love,

I am a mother who is actively working through anxiety and depression by navigating this complex life through love, gratitude, and compassion towards myself and the world around me. Join me on this spiritual growth journey.

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